With a single click or a phone call, the Amber Connect Recovery Team will mobilize to efficiently locate your vehicle. Our Recovery Agents use a dedicated recovery tracking portal to instantly locate your asset or vehicle.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

We assist all our clients with monitoring of exception alarms and unauthorized utilization.

With a wide range of Amber Connect tools, from vehicle battery disconnection and panic alarms to crash alerts and out-of-hours driving detection, your assets are safe in our hands.
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Monitoring Of Exception Alarms

We assist all our clients with exception alarms, offering counter to many critical situations.

We assist all our clients with exception alarms, offering out-of-hours driving, tow, device-tamper, collision, anti-theft, un-authorized stopping or geo-fencing (to name a few) alarms; our control the room is geared to handle it all.
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Fleet Management

Whether you require full monitoring or a second pair of eyes, we ensure the safety and efficiency of your fleet.

We have the necessary tools to ensure the safety and efficiency of your fleet. From alert monitoring to driver behavior, our high-tech control room can handle any situation, and customize reports to your specific requirements.
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Crash Scene Management

With our outstanding network and nationwide coverage, we can manage a crash scene from start to finish.

We have contacts with medical emergency services, towing services, safeguarding and spillage services. Whatever your road-side needs are, we can get you home. Our team will always ensure that the entire crash scene process is handled efficiently and professionally.
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Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Keep your drivers and your assets safe with driver behavior monitoring.

A bad driver can cost a company millions - while flagging bad driver behavior is helpful, constant behavior monitoring and consistent communication with drivers is better. When drivers know they're being observed, the risk of accidents and unnecessary injury decreases significantly.
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Towing Service

We have a nation-wide network of various towing companies that are dedicated to assisting our clients at any time of the day.

Regardless of the vehicle size or shape. An important goal of ours is to ensure our clients feel safe no matter how far their journey, or where they are going.
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Theft & Hi-Jack Prevention
In High Risk Areas

As part of our driver behavior monitoring we monitor driving through high-risk areas.

As part of our driver behavior monitoring and fleet management, the control room has extensive experience in identifying high-risk areas. As trends change, not only are our clients updated on high-risk areas, but we are proactive in our approach by adding geo-fence detection on behalf of clients. When a driver crosses into the high-risk area, they are immediately contacted.
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24 Hour Emergency Assistance

Ready to assist you in a recovery, safeguarding or with emergency services.

Our control room is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including public holidays. Rain or shine, our operators are always willing and ready to assist you in a recovery, safeguarding or with emergency services.
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Air Support

In certain countries, on request, we can dispatch air support services to assist in vehicle recovery.