To empower our client's businesses through the consistent delivery of leading edge, state of the art, sustainable software solutions, created from our lifelong commitment to customer satisfaction. We embarked on a journey with the goal of disrupting the current technological space with innovation, while being dedicated to customer retention using our valuable and cost effective solutions that caters to small, medium and large scale businesses alike.

White Label

Give your customers your own brand experience. Amber Connect apps and portals can be semi or fully white labeled.

Custom Software Development

Amber enjoys a full stack team of over 200 developers in house giving you the ability to custom design features on the Amber Connect platform, or build any other enterprise software solution.

API Integration

Ambers platform comes with open API's that allows you to send any information from the Amber system and integrate it into your other business software suites such as employee management, dispatch management or accounting software.

Dispatch Management

Fleets can now use the dispatch management software from Amber that allows you to create optimal route planning and assignment of jobs to vehicles. Get route deviation alerts with a suite of reports ensuring your fleet delivers your services on time.

POS System

Amber's sister company Amber Pay enables advanced POS software and payment integrations into your fleet product. Amber Pay allows a full payment integration including a stand alone peer to peer payment processing facility.