AI Technologies

Welcome to the Future of Vehicle
Safety and Fleet Management

At Amber Connect, we're not just in the business of tracking vehicles; we're revolutionising
the way you protect, optimise and manage your assets. Our commitment to advancing
technology applications sets us apart as an industry leader. Explore how our advanced
dashcam, intuitive app, and powerful fleet management portal can empower you to make
informed decisions, enhance safety, and optimise fleet operations.

Seamless Control at Your Fingertips

The Amber Connect App - Your
Command Center

Our app is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, offering a comprehensive suite of features that bring convenience and safety to your daily drives, and AI technologies are one of the things that sets us apart:

  • Alerts: Receive instant notifications about potential issues like unauthorised movement or theft.
  • Amber Shield: Amber Shield leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor your vehicle's surroundings continuously. It can detect potential threats and risks in real-time, helping keep your vehicle and its occupants safe even when you are sleeping.

Maximize Efficiency with AI-Powered Fleet Management

Fleet Management Portal -
Optimization Simplified

For businesses with fleets, our web portal is a game-changer. Take advantage of advanced AI-driven features:

  • Route Optimization: Let our AI find the most efficient routes for your drivers, reducing fuel costs and delivery times.
  • Target Dashboard: With a few simple inputs get AI-powered goals set for every vehicle and save fuel costs, insurance and maintenance fees in no time.

Harnessing AI for Unprecedented Safety

The Power of AI in Dashcams

At the heart of our technology is our state-of-the-art AI-powered dashcam. Unlike traditional dashcams, ours goes beyond recording video. It understands your driving environment and provides real-time insights:

For businesses with fleets, our web portal is a game-changer. Take advantage of advanced AI-driven features:

  • Detection: Our AI identifies potential collisions and makes sure all the evidence is in place, making recordings and storing them safely.
  • Behavior Analysis: Monitor and improve driver behavior with AI-detection of wreckless driving, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, etc..

Experience the Future Today

Choose Amber Connect - Embrace the Future

At Amber Connect, we believe in pushing boundaries and embracing the future of vehicle
safety and fleet management. With our AI-powered dashcam, intuitive app, and powerful
portal, you're not just investing in technology; you're investing in peace of mind, efficiency,
and safety.
Ready to elevate your vehicle safety and fleet management to a whole new level? Join the
future with Amber Connect AI Technologies. Contact us today to learn more about our
solutions or schedule a demo.
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